Personal Support. Improved Care.

We provide and coordinate care managers who support eligible Medicaid recipients—connecting each patient with: 




community-based organizations

Improving care for a vulnerable population

Our work is part of a coordinated effort to improve care among a vulnerable population, helping individuals with appointment setting, follow-up, access, and much more. This results in increased continuity of care, reduced system costs, improved outcomes, and reduced burdens in Emergency Departments.


Make a referral

Confirm eligibility

Identify services needed

Assign a care manager

audit & support

What is a Health Home?

A health home is a network of community-based Care Management Agencies that work with individuals with serious and complex physical health, mental health and substance use disorders to achieve better health outcomes and reduce costs.

Do you work with this population?

We can help your patients find a Care Manager. If you are a Provider or Community Organization serving the most vulnerable people in our community, GRHHN can support you!

We link patients who have complex chronic conditions to community and care supports, assist in coordinating medical & behavioral healthcare and work with agencies providing food, clothing and housing.

Make an online care management referral or call 585-350-1400 if you have any questions.

Referrals can also be submitted to GRHHN via fax at 585-978-7714 or sent via secure email to
Patient consent is required (verbal consent is acceptable).